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Sogno Junghiano       Pauatahanui Sunrise - Flynn

Study in orange        Abstract IV

Uccelli per Vincent  Ladybugs walk  Caspian

Perniková Chaloupka          Otago Sunset

Beachscape Dye on Silk

       Haiku      Mandala

I Limoni (Montale)

 In Memory of Daniel Seiler     I Limoni II

  Crepusculo Lluvioso      Sahara
 Otago Sunset

      Whirlpool in Glass

View From Olympus        Study for View From Olympus

View From Olympus II       Thirty Four

Floating Mandala            Resurrection         


Sunken Cathedral I         Sunken Cathedral IV          Sunken Cathedral II

Sunken Cathedral from the Inside I           Sunken Cathedral from the Inside II

Crying Frangipanis           Hallucination

Study for Midnight Four Seasons- God is an infinite string of little red dots Midnight
Thirty Five    Marianna's Island

Stained Glass Study          Stained Glass Detail I            Stained Glass Detail II

Ice    Exotic Window- Brazil    Exotic Window - Spain  

Nursery Rhyme      Seascape Duo   
      Marianna's Island       Exotic Window- New Zealand    

         Nights in the Gardens of Spain I       Nights in the Gardens of Spain II

Rainbow I        
Rainbow II

Rainbow III        
Stained Glass XVI.

Four Last Songs - At Dusk

A Night in Hell        Abstract       Haiku

Abstract       Early work

Dream          Layers of Reality          Transcendental Meditation

Stephanie    Kapiti
          Sunken Cathedral III    Wellington Harbour

8 Stained Glass Windows from Light to Dark

Rainy Sunday Afternoon                    

Hot Sunday Afternoon               Johanna

Fairy Tale